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The Legend of Sea Glass
It is said that Sea Glass are the tears that mermaids cry over sailors lost at sea.   It is also said that the colour of their tears matches the colour of their tails.

Welcome to Tumbled Treasure…….


Based near Tintagel in North Cornwall, UK – Tumbled Treasure came to be, thanks to a family passion for collecting Sea Glass and other Beach Treasures.

 Every piece of Sea Glass we find is unique – Tumbled naturally by the sea and rubbed by the sand over the decades, leaving it smooth and frosted, before being washed up on the shore.

My children have inherited my passion for collecting these tumbled jewels – also known as “Mermaids Tears” – and have therefore become the next generation in our family of

“Treasure Hunters”……

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I hope you enjoy browsing through this site.

x Karen x

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