Sea Glass

About Sea Glass & Colour Chart

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Sea Glass can be found on almost any Beach around the World and is Naturally Produced in a Variety of Stunning Colours, some of which are extremely Rare.

Sea Glass is man-made glass that has found it’s way into the sea and which has then been tumbled around by the waves for many decades. Certain chemicals in the glass are leached out by the salt water during this time, as well as it being rubbed smooth by the sand, giving the glass it’s smooth and frosty appearance. This process is called “Hydration”.

“Campfire” or “Fire Glass” is found when the glass has started to melt, before it enters the Sea.  It picks up debris and develops cracks and bubbles “inclusions”, before cooling.

Sea Glass Colour Chart:

Common Colours
White, Emerald Green, Kelly Green

Less Common Colours
Sea Foam Green, Olive Green, Forest Green, Dark Brown

Rare Colours
Light Aqua Blue, Soft Blue, Amber

Very Rare Colours
Dark Aqua Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cornflower Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Lime

Extremely Rare
Amethyst (Purple), Yellow, Grey, Pink

Rarest of All
Red, Orange

The Value of Sea Glass is determined by the Rarity of Colour, as well as the Condition of the Piece and its Shape and Size!

(please note that rarity of colour can differ by country and even by region)